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Peggy Schoedinger's
3-Day Hands-On
Aquatic Therapy Seminar

Taught By: Peggy Schoedinger, PT

Birmingham, AL

Oops. You missed it. See our 2014 schedule here
Or bring this EXACT class to your pool.


It's not often you get to learn watsu, spinal stabilization, and other hands-on techniques from a master. But therapists who attend one of Peggy Schoedinger's trainings can tell you what a treat it is to work with the best. Attend this 20-hour seminar (over 70% lab!) and go home wrinkled, happy and a better therapist.


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the underlying principles behind each aquatic therapy treatment approach so that the therapist is able to easily adapt techniques for each patient as appropriate.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the indications and precautions in the use of Bad Ragaz, Watsu, Halliwick, aquatic manual therapy, trunk stabilization, and functional skills training for orthopedic and neurologic patient populations.
  3. Understand the unique benefits of the aquatic environment, and use aquatic therapy techniques to decrease hypertonicity, increase ROM, decrease pain, improve trunk stability, improve balance and proprioception, and improve functional skills.
  4. Design integrated and comprehensive aquatic treatment programs for neurologic and orthopedic patient populations incorporating and blending a variety of aquatic therapy techniques, and utilizing each technique at the appropriate stage in rehabilitation.
  5. Use and modify different positions and activities in the water to first assist and then challenge each unique patient by utilizing metacentric effects, turbulence and buoyancy.
  6. Demonstrate handling skills for patients in the water which maximize each patient’s learning experience and thereby improve the patient’s pre-functional component skills and functional skills.



This seminar is sold out. We are offering this course again on November 13-15 in Simsbury, CT. Please join us there.

Simsbury Seminar




2:30 PM Registration and light dinner
3:00-4:45 Clinical Decision-making: Land vs. Water; Active vs. Passive; Patient Treatment Videos
5:00-9:00 Pool Lab with Passive and Active Techniques Based on: Aquatic Manual Therapy, Bad Ragaz (Ortho and Neuro Applications), Including Passive, Isometric, Isotonic Patterns for the Trunk


8:00-12:00 Pool Lab with Active Techniques Based on: Bad Ragaz (Ortho and Neuro Applications for Upper Extremities, Lower Extremities); Prone with Mask and Snorkel; Halliwick (Ortho and Neuro Applications)
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45-3:00 Bad Ragaz Patient Treatment Videos and Discussion; Halliwick Patient Treatment Videos and Discussion
3:00-5:30 Pool Lab with Active Techniques Based on: Halliwick (Ortho and Neuro Applications)


8:00-1:00 Pool Lab: Active Techniques in Shallow and Deep Water; Trunk Stabilization; Proximal Stability & Extremity Strengthening; Open and Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises; Functional Skills Training; Balance and Coordination
Functional Skills Training Videos and Discussion; Watsu Patient Treatment Videos and Discussion

*schedule subject to change without notice


Peggy Schoedinger, PT, is the owner of Aquatic Therapy Innovations, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. Peggy has over 20 years of extensive experience developing comprehensive aquatic therapy programs for neurologic, orthopedic, sports medicine and pediatric patient populations. Since 1990, Peggy has taught over 300 aquatic therapy seminars for therapists at facilities across North and  South America, Europe and Asia. Her seminars are tailored to the needs of each facility. She teaches a full range of over 30 topics and techniques including Bad Ragaz, Halliwick, Watsu®, Jahara Technique, trunk stabilization, and aquatic manual therapy techniques for patients with neurologic and orthopedic impairments. Peggy is a certified Watsu instructor for levels I, II and III.  She specializes in teaching therapists and practitioners how to use and adapt Watsu for clients with special needs. Peggy is an Advanced Jahara Technique Specialist, and is certified in Halliwick Levels I and II and The Bad Ragaz Ring Method. In addition to her private practice and teaching, Peggy is an aquatic therapy consultant at multiple rehabilitation centers, and a lecturer for university PT programs. Her frequent international trips allow her to stay abreast with the latest techniques and information from around the globe.

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