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Neonatal Hydrotherapy &
Aquatic Therapy for the Medically Fragile Child

Taught By: Jane Sweeney, MPT; Kiki Dickinson, MPT

November 12-13, 2010
Minneapolis, MN

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A 4-hr ATU Bootcamp is offered at no additional cost immediately prior to this class (see next column for schedule). This class is required before taking any ATU course (current water-gurus excepted).


A 18 hr. training module packed into 2 days (4 hr. Boot Camp plus 14 hr. main course). Designed to demonstrate the advanced skills necessary to bring aquatics to the medically fragile child -- starting in the NICU and ending out in the home bathtub, therapy clinic, and community pool settings. Includes findings from published literature to help convince skittish medical personnel (and parents) of the benefits of aquatics. Shows therapists the “nuts and bolts” of implementing a billable "therapeutic bathing" program on the NICU (and other hospital units), including methods to improve infant feeding and movement through hydrotherapy. Provides tips on working with medically fragile infants, toddlers and children with medical devices (ventilator tubes, IVs, g-tubes, and oxygen) in and around water. Includes information on reimbursement for aquatic therapy, both at the neonatal level and the infant/toddler and beyond.


The Neonatal Hydrotherapy component is restricted to PTs, OTs, RNs, LPNs and MDs due to the practice elements of working on the NICU.

By special request, registrants can attend either only Day 1 (Neonatal Hydrotherapy) or only Day 2 (Aquatic Therapy for the Medically Fragile Child). Registrants for either 1 day courses may still attend Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp for no additional cost. Please register by phone (800) 680-8624 if you will be registering for 1 day only.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES - Neonatal Component

  1. Identify 3-4 indications and medical prerequisites for selecting infants for hydrotherapy (therapeutic bathing) in the NICU and step-down setting (lecture)

  2. Identify 3-4 potential risks or adverse events which might occur with the use of hydrotherapy for neonates in the NICU setting (lecture)
  3. Discuss 1-2 potential benefits of hydrotherapy/therapeutic bathing for each: Feeding, Movement (lecture)
  4. Make a 3 minute verbal “case” for providing hydrotherapy services for the neonate. Be able to identify and locate supportive research to bolster case (lecture)
  5. Choose proper equipment, water temperature, and hydrotherapy procedures for working with medically stable neonates on the NICU and step-down units (lecture/lab).
  6. Understand the appropriate way to document – and bill insurance for – neonatal hydrotherapy services (lecture)
  7. Participate in a panel discussion about barriers to implementing such a program and methods to overcome resistance to performing hydrotherapy on neonates (lecture)

LEARNING OBJECTIVES - Medically Fragile Child Component


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ATU Schedule

Friday AM (Bootcamp)
8:30-9:00 Registration
9:00-10:30 Lecture
10:30-1:15 Pool lab

Friday PM (Main course - Neonatal component)
2:00-2:30 Registration
2:30-4:15 Lecture
4:15-5:00 Supper
5:00-9:00 Lecture and Land Lab

Saturday (Main course - Medically Fragile Child component)
9:00-12:00 Lecture
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45-3:30 Pool lab
3:30-4:00 Energy break
4:00-6:30 Pool lab

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or venues are subject to change without notice.

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