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Customized Aquatic Seminars
Bringing the world of aquatic therapy home


Can't make it to Aquatic Therapy University in 2010? Or, perhaps you want to just want to train your people at home, in their own pool.

Our custom seminars are a great way to learn aquatic techniques that will be applicable to your unique caseload mix, pool depths and water temperature.

PTs & OTs: We have applied for CEUs -- and always been approved -- in almost every US state. Since each state requires its own approval, we will complete all CEU applications for your custom course by your request. All forms will be completed by us. Any fees incurred are the responsibility of the host facility.

ATCs: We are BOC-approved providers for the athletic trainer so our athletic trainings are pre-approved.

SLP & Others: Keep reading...

1-pg Custom Training Request Form (pdf)

Read why one facility chose a custom seminar in 2009.

Why customize?

Price: Bring us in for a 2-day seminar and you can end up spending less than you would sending your staff away. In fact, many facilities advertise to outside clinicians to make a profit out of hosting a seminar.

$1959 per day

Two-day minimum required except for seminars which are local for the speaker (call for details). We pay for all expenses except airfare, hotel, and ground transport (if you do not provide).

Looking to make it even cheaper? Bring in outside registrants to offset your costs (most facilities charge $450-$550 for a 2-day course). Bring in more people and you can actually make a profit while training your staff.

Our seminars occur in your own clinic, using your own pool. You won't lose therapist productivity due to days of travel time and you can even schedule the course so that you have no downtime in your clinic schedule.

For instance, many clinics start their custom seminar at 3 PM on Friday. The schedule runs Friday 3-8 and Saturday 8-6. You receive the same number of contact hours as a typical 2-day course (14 hours), but you keep the clinic available for patients all day on Friday.

Have you ever suffered the disappointment of attending an aquatic training with a fantastic instructor, only to discover that almost nothing you learn is applicable to your caseload? Aquatic Therapy University custom seminars are created by you, for you. You decide what you want to learn.

Our instructors take into account the temperature, depth, and entry methods of your pool, and combine that with knowledge of your most prevalent patient diagnoses. The result? A custom aquatic therapy seminar that is immediately applicable to your clinical needs.

What Can Be Covered in a Custom Seminar?
A custom seminar can be comprised of both lecture and pool time and can include:

Specialty Techniques such as:

  • Ai Chi
  • Aquatic Blanket Drills (ABDs)
  • Aquatic PNF & PRE
  • Aquatic Sensory Integration
  • Bad Ragaz Ring Method
  • Burdenko Method
  • Cardiac Rehab
  • Circuit Training
  • Task-Type Training Approach
  • Watsu
Making the Most of Your Individual Pool

Safety and Risk Management

Fluid Mechanics

Selecting and Using Aquatic Therapy Equipment

Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic Patient Care

Cardiopulmonary Patient Care

Neurological Patient Care

Billing and Documentation

Research and Marketing

Launching a New Practice
….and many other topics!

Can We Obtain Continuing Education Credit?

Definitely. Each state and every profession handles CEUs differently. First, if you are an athletic trainer, we've got you covered. Aquatic Therapy University is a BOC-accredited provider of CEUs for athletic trainers. We will apply for both PT and OT CEU approval on your request. Any fees incurred are the responsibility of the host facility.

For other professionals, in order to "cover all the bases" We will issue certificates of attendance to each attendee (these certificates attest to the total number of contact hours provided). In some states, these certificates are all you need to obtain CEUs.

In other states, you must convert these certificates to CEUs. In those states, we can help you complete the paperwork necessary to convert your contact hours to continuing education units. Any fees incurred are the responsibility of the host facility, but we will make sure any conversion goes smoothly.

Can I See a Sample Schedule and Learning Objectives for a "Typical" Custom Seminar?

Certainly. Every facility wants its course to run a little differently, but here is a "typical" course schedule.

For more information on how to schedule your own custom seminar, email seminars@aquaticnet.com or call us direct at (800) 680-8624. Your staff will be delighted for the at-home training option!

Recent Custom Seminars Locations

North Texas Rehabilitation Center
Wichita Falls, TX
Instructor: Beth Scalone, PT, DPT, OCS

Miami Children's Hospital-Dan Marino Center
Miami, FL
Instructor: Jennifer Tvrdy, OTDR/L

Regions Hospital
St. Paul, MN
Instructor: Andrea Salzman, MS, PT

Buena Vista Regional Medical Center
Storm Lake, IA

Instructor: Andrea Salzman, MS, PT

Southlake Regional Health Centre
Newmarket, Ontario
Instructor: Jennifer Tvrdy, OTDR/L

Wright Medical Center
Clarion, IA

Instructor: Andrea Salzman, MS, PT

Augustana Therapy Services
Apple Valley, MN

Instructor: Andrea Salzman, MS, PT

The Marsh
Minnetonka, MN

Instructor: Andrea Salzman, MS, PT

Texas Children's Hospital
Houston, TX
Instructor: Andrea Salzman, MS, PT

Duluth Clinic Fitness and Therapy Center
Duluth, MN
Instructor: Andrea Salzman, MS, PT

1-pg Custom Training Request Form (pdf)

Read why one facility chose a custom seminar in 2009.





"The seminar was fantastic! Thanks for offering such high caliber continuing ed. opportunities."

Amy Nistico, OTR/L


"High enthusiasm instructor. Great variety of relaxation, stabilization, and cardio techniques mixed in with aquatic problem solving. Thank you for the fun-filled weekend!"

From Custom Seminar eval form




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