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Uniting the world... one nation at a time

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What brought you here?

1. You hit "I feel lucky" on Google.

Our site is listed as the #1 aquatic therapy site on Google, Yahoo, AOL and many other search engines.

We host a single online clearinghouse of information for therapists, instructors and the media which boasts over 300 pages of data.

2. You heard the buzz.

We brought in 86 aquatic providers -- your peers -- to tell us everything they wanted from an aquatic therapy organization.

After nearly 4 months of surveying, creating, and (frequently uncontrollable) fits of angst, membership now provides fantastic benefits, including over 5000 aquatic therapy abstracts.

Meet some of our fabulous Team members.

3. We invited you back.

Are you one of the 14,000 clinicians who joined our organization over the last 10 years?

If so, wait until you see how the Aquatic Resources Network (now known as has blossomed!

4. You wish to enroll in Aquatic Therapy University.

Professional licensed therapists deserve quality continuing education. That is why we started Aquatic Therapy University. Our clinical content is rich and evidence-based and taught by licensed therapists like yourself. Our curriculum tracks flow from one class to the next so your material and ideas are new every year. Enroll in any one of our geriatric, pediatric, sports, musculoskeletal or business classes now!

We look forward to working with you. Together, we will unite the world of aquatic therapy... one nation at a time

Warm Water Regards,

Andrea Salzman, MS, PT, Aquatic Physical Therapist

  Andrea Salzman, MS, PT
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our patients at ease
in the water."

Darrin Schober
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