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The Aquatic Therapy Answer Book

Author/Editor: Aquatic Resources Network

Availability: Availability: Usually ships within 48 hours. Softcover - 113 pages (2002) Aquatic Resources Network; Plymouth, MN

Table of Contents:
1. Aquatic Therapy: What is It, Who Can Perform It?

2. What are Aquatic Specialty Techniques?

3. What are Aquatic Specialty Techniques?

4. What Must I Do to Maintain a Safe Pool Site?

5. Why Is Water a Therapeutic Environment?

6. How Do I Launch an Aquatic Therapy Practice?

7. How Do I Pick the Right Equipment for My Pool?

8. What is the Continuum of Care in Aquatics?

9. How Do I Document Aquatic Therapy?

10. How Do I Get Paid for Aquatic Therapy?

11. Can I Perform Aquatic Therapy For Private Pay?

12. How Do I Perform Aquatic Therapy Research?

13. How Do I Show Aquatic Therapy is Effective

14. How Do I Practice Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy?

15. How Do I Treat the CV Compromise Patient?

16. How Do I Treat the Geriatric Patient?

17. How Do I Treat the Neuro Patient?

18. How Do I Treat the Healthy Injured Patient?

19. How Do I Treat the Orthopedic Patient?

20. How Do I Treat the Pediatric Patient?

21. How Do I Treat the Rheumatologic Patient?

22. How Do I Treat the Systemic/ Metabolic Patient?

23. Appendix including:
Historic Record of Aquatic Therapy

Asking an answerable question: Questions to ask yourself before you start research

Thinking of applying for a grant? Run through this checklist first

How to Practice EBPT: The Example of Aquatic Therapy




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Looking for anwers to all your aquatic therapy questions? This manual gives you an overview of all the issues which interest therapists who work in the water!



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